Stillness And Motion: In Conversation With Shireen Talhouni

From the Spring Sessions blog.

flock-1‘Consent/Tension’ was a series of workshops conducted at Spring Sessions by dancer Shireen Talhouni. The workshops culminated in a performance in the public spaces around the King Ghazi Hotel during which participants moved as a synchronized flock through the streets of Amman.

The initiative was an extension of Shireen’s work with the Flock collective, founded two years ago in London to investigate dance and performance with specific attention to the interaction with space. Here, Shireen discusses the experience with Thoraya El-Rayyes, a writer and literary translator who participated in the workshops. 


TR: A central theme in previous projects that the Flock collective has worked on is the feeling of alienation experienced by individuals in modern society, particularly in corporate settings. Do you think this theme was relevant to Flock’s project at Spring Sessions?

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